Omno: an immersive atmospheric adventure developed by one single man

Robby Tight
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Omno is an atmospheric exploration and puzzle adventure game created by a single German man, Jonas Manke. Manke began working on Omno in 2016 and for a single developer working on the game alone, the graphics and the atmosphere is truly breathtaking! Thanks to his Kickstarter backers, Manke has been able to focus on Omno fulltime for the last 8 months since first starting his project 3 years ago, and he states that the game is roughly 60% complete at the time of writing this.

On the surface, Omno looks like other atmospheric games such as Journey, Abuz and Rime, with immersive exploration that immerses the player fully into the world. From the demo, the world offers a wondrous and serene vibe and really evokes true emotion. Players can still download and play the demo for free on the Kickstart page. According to the game’s Kickstarter page, Omno is a single-player adventure that will take you through lush forests, across sun-blasted deserts, over a frigid tundra, and soaring through the clouds. Along the way and via light 3D platforming action, you will meet many strange creatures who inhabit the world you’re exploring, be challenged by a variety of puzzles, and discover hidden secrets. The music and the atmosphere and the sound make it hard to believe that only one person has been working on this project. Manke has truly created a game that will wow it’s audience.

Manke states on his Kickstarter that the game is almost complete and that the main thing missing is putting all the pieces together. He’s replacing placeholders with actual assets and adding more animals and secrets for players to discover and overall giving the game more love and care. He did mention, however, that all of the core mechanics are completed. Manke predicts to release the full game later this year on Steam for computers and he is aiming to release Omno on all other platforms, however, he does not have confirmation for these releases. The game will support gamepad and keyboard input at launch and will release in English, though further languages may be added down the line.

Players can still support the Kickstarter and back Jason Manke as he continues to develop this game completely by himself. The Kickstarter can be found here. I am super hyped for the release of Omno, so as soon as it is released you know I’ll be jumping on it as soon as possible. So for further updated on Omno, stay tuned to us here at Critical Strike and be sure to keep an eye on the Kickstarter and join Manke’s discord for additional updates.

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