Return of the Lich King? Has the next Warcraft expansion been leaked?

Robby Tight
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With Blizzcon 2019 just around the corner, players are already digging around every nook and cranny to find what the next possible World of Warcraft expansion might be, and some finds may prove to be quite promising. In patch 7.0 during the Legion expansion, The Lich King (Bolvar) was reintroduced and was the main focus for the Death Knight Artifact Weapon story events. During these events, Death Knights players work with the Lich king to collect shards of the broken blade of Frostmourne to forge their Artifact weapon and the player also rebuilds the Four Horsemen.

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With these events playing out, it was clear that Blizzard was trying to carve a path to a future Lich King expansion, and why would they not want to do this? Wrath of the Lich kind was one of their most successful expansions, with the player base of up to 13 million players! Plus with the way Wrath of the Lich King ended, it was clear then there would be a follow- up expansion or storyline in the future, and the future may be closer than we expect. So why are players thinking the next expansion will be a new Lich King focused expansion? Data miners have been going crazy finding lore reveals for patch 8.3 and the first major discovery, notated on WoW head, is the Allied race Death Knight textures. As of right now, Allied races cannot be death knights because of lore reasons, the Death Knights of Azeroth were risen and were robbed of their free will by Arthas, only to be freed by Tyrion after forming an alliance between the Ebon Blade and the Argent Dawn. As well as this, people are not making Death Knights in the current day, except for the Four Horsemen that the Player Death Knight recreate. Furthermore, Pandaren can not be Death Knights either so for there to be an allied race Death Knight means that somebody is going to be creating them, and I believe it is clear who will be doing this. Bolvar, the new Lich King.

WoWHead also found an encrypted Lich King sounds file and an encrypted map of Icecrown Citadel. Blizzard only encrypts the top most important information, like the 8.2.5 Cinematic. So for them to encrypt the sound file and map file, it’s pretty obvious that this is a huge discovery. Another strange find was the Death Knight Light Forged Draenei. As someone who has been playing a Death Knight since they first released and someone who has fully immersed themselves into the lore, a Light Forged Draenei almost sounds impossible to me, I’m not sure how it will work. Originally, a Death Knight in life could be a Priest or Paladin and then in death become a Death Knight, but the Light Forged have had their entire bodies infused with light essence, these are the marking on their bodies. I hope Blizzard will explain the process of turning a Light Forged into a Death Knight, there is no way this will be an easy process.

As for now, the only other information that was put together is on the WoWHead post, they put together some of the texture files for the races and created how the races will look as Death Knights. Other than this, everything is still up for speculation. For me personally, I believe this is the perfect time for a Lich King return expansion. We (death knight players) have created the new Four Horsemen, we helped Bolvar create the artifact weapons and further his foothold with the Scourge.

Everything is simply speculation, we will all find out more once Blizzard reveals their next project at this coming Blizzcon. For full coverage on the 2019 Blizzcon announcements, be sure to keep posted to CriticalStrike and be sure to follow Blizzard on Twitter as well. For additional information on the speculation, take a look at the Wowhead article here.

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