Analogue Pocket Announced: Stylish Classic Gameboy

Robby Tight
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The Nintendo Game Boy is 30 years old this year. Nintendo stopped making Game Boys a long time ago, but retro game specialist Analogue is working on the ultimate Game Boy and it’s coming in 2020. It plays Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color games. The Analogue Pocket can play Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx and Neo-Geo games with an adapter. It has USB-C and has a TV dock as well. The Analogue Pocket is expected to be sold at the suggested retail price of $200.

The Analogue Pocket is going to be the ideal handheld classic gaming system for us old big kids with old game boy games collecting dust in our closets. But is it worth 200 bucks? Personally, I would easily drop 400 smackers on a product like this! I have been waning a system like this for years now, something that can play old games from my childhood all on one system. The Analogue Pocket is a way to play those games again and have them look better than ever. The design is similar to that of the Gameboys of old and from the looks of it comes in black and white. I am unaware of any additional colors it will be released with, but I kind of hope it’ll have that green/blue color, which is the color I had as a kid.

Analogue, based in Seattle, is also aiming to woo indie games to the Pocket. And it’s more than just a handheld gaming device: The Pocket has an onboard music synthesizer and sequencer, called Nanoloop, for “music creation and live performance.”

The Analogue Pocket has a 3.5-inch 1,600×1,440-pixel LTPS LCD screen (with “10x the resolution” of the original Game Boy), USB-C charging and a lithium-ion battery, a standard headphone jack and stereo speakers. The separately sold dock will connect it to TVs and work with wireless 8bit controllers or USB-connected controllers. I’m sold! I can’t wait for the release so I can play around with the features and toys and break out the old childhood games that I loved so much back then.

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