Playstation VR 2 Confirmed

Antony Gallagher

Will we see the Playstation VR2 launch with the PS5?

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Although we can not confirm any technical specs for the Playstation VR2, we can confirm it exists and the dev kits are already floating around. All of the rumors and leaks as of yet have been based on patents.

We actually happened to catch an indie developer slip a project they are working on for the PS5 and the PSVR2 through the Linkedin social media platform for business minded folks. Although we are not premium members, the free account seems to be paying off.

Finn Staber, the founder of indie dev Chicken Waffle, recently took to social media on the platform to announce they are working on a new project for the PS5 based in VR utilizing the PSVR2. They have since then removed the posting from Linkedin but we were just fast enough to snag a screen shot.

After doing a little digging we also found that Sony is a Chicken Waffle sponsor. There seems to be some validity to all of this. If it is true, we might actually see the Playstation VR2 launch with the Playstation 5 next holiday season. Check this juicy leak below!

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