Opinion: We Need A Pokemon Nintendogs Game!

Antony Gallagher

It’s Tamagotchi… but Nintendogs… but also Pokemon. Take my money!

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It seems Pokemon fans will get to pet Pokemon on the regular in the near future if they decide to hop on the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL hype train. The phones will feature a Pokemon based tech demo called Pokemon: Wave Hello that literally has you petting various Pokemon. The demo is said to also feature some very minimal play scenarios with the featured Pokemon. Obviously, a tech demo rarely turns into anything long term. But what if it did?

Hear me out… Nintendo hit gold with the old Nintendogs series on their mobile gaming platforms. They allowed folks to raise various breeds of dogs. You got a puppy that you could pet, play with, feed, clean, etc. It was a modern-day Tamagotchi for the current generation. You also had a few other spin-offs that enabled cat ownership and such.

Where is the Pokemon based Nintendogs? Honestly, if they made a Pokemon based pet ownership title, it would be a mega-hit on modern cell phones. They could play off of the Nintendogs aspect while coining in that big money using the Pokemon brand. So what would this “Nintendomon” game need to be successful? What would we like to see in such a game on the handheld?

  1. Evolutions: If you were able to get cute Pokemon that have multiple evolutions in the game it would provide longevity and something to work towards. They could set some specific goals to achieve the next evolution.
  2. Community-Based Beauty Events: They could regularly host community-wide competitions based on some sort of a beauty points system. They have dabbled with this in the past with the Pokemon handheld games. It would provide a fun way to collect and raise Pokemon.
  3. Innovative Collection System: They would have to have some sort of unique way of catching new Pokemon or obtaining new Pokemon. I would love to see a Pokemon card collection style game different from the TCG. Think of games like Madden Mobile or even Brawlstars.
  4. NPC’s From The Series: This would be the vital one. It’s hard to give a point to a game like this. Having recognizable characters would go a long way. They would interact and offer mentorship in terms of raising your Pokemon companion correctly.
  5. A Large Amount Of Collectibles: Keep the game relevant with regular content updates and collectibles. You don’t need to do a lot to sell a Pokemon-style Nintendogs game… just keep the content flowing.

That’s five things we would like to see in a Pokemon-themed Nintendogs game. There is any number of things that would make it a successful game. What do you think? What are some things you would like to see in a game like this? Sound off in the comments!

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