Little Town Hero Set For October Release

Robby Tight
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Earlier this month during the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a new game by the Game Freak developers, Little Town Hero. Little Town Hero is the story of a young boy named Axe who dreams of an exciting life of adventure outside of his quiet village. There is a rule that the villagers all follow and that rule is to never leave town. However, one day Axe found himself face to face with a wild monster and to protect his fellow villagers, he stood against the beats.

Little Town Hero is a Turn-based strategy Roleplay game that uses the power of ideas to vanquish the monsters attacking the village. During battle, you can move around to get the support of the locals to help defeat monsters. The battle system relies heavily on your own ideas and strategy to defeat your enemies and the game does not require you to grind low-level monsters over and over to progress, which is always a plus in my book!

The soundtrack has been composed by the one and only Toby Fox as well, mostly known for his widely popular Undertale and Deltarune. Players can look forward to testing their minds in Little Town Hero on October 16th on the Nintendo Switch and it is currently available for Pre-Purchase and Pre-load for players. For more updates on Little Town Hero as they roll out, stay tuned to Critical Strike and be sure to follow Game Freak on Twitter.

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