Session Ollies Onto Steam Early Access

A new golden era skateboarding game that features a very unique control scheme? Yes please!

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It seems the wait is finally partially over for the golden era based skateboarding simulator Session as it saw its official launch onto the Steam Early Acces platform earlier this week at a solid pricing point of $19.99. Xbox One gamers will be happy to hear that Session is also slated for release on the Xbox Game Preview platform later this fall.

Session features a 1:1 ratio scaled environment of New York’s lower Manhatten area. Locals to the area will recognize various staples to the area. The developers have made a promise to work with the community on building the game up to include tons of the greatest shred spots known to man. Session hosts a pretty responsive control system for heightened realism that they achieved by partnering with various professional skateboarders such as Donovan Strain. Skaters will also be happy to hear that Session features a full-blown video editing system to allow them to make their own highlight reels and sweet montages. The early years of skateboarding lived off of gnarly montages. Many up and comers found their success and sponsorships off of crazy tricks showcased via video. It’s a good sign that creā-ture Studios are specifically focusing on this aspect.

Simple. Golden. What more could you ask for?

The coolest aspect of Session that I have seen so far is the actual control system. Each thumbstick controls a foot on the skateboard. You have to actively move them to match the patterns you would on a real skateboard to perform the corresponding trick. Although this may agitate some PC gamers due to the fact that you HAVE to use a controller to play the game, this mechanic sounds absolutely epic! I can’t wait to give this a shot after the upcoming Xbox One launch later this fall. You can pick up your copy of Session on Steam Early Access here.

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