The Pathless: Giant Squid’s Newest Masterpiece Announced!

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Giant Squid Aims To Please Yet Again!

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Giant Squid Aims to please yet again!

From the creators of Abzu, comes their newest project, “The Pathless.” The Pathless is a mythic adventure game about the relationship between a hunter and an eagle, as they explore a forest full of what seems to be demonic or corrupted beasts. If this game is anything like their first project, Abzu, it will surely be a hit.

The Hunter and their Companion.

When watching the announcement trailer I couldn’t help get this warm fuzzy feeling inside, much like the feeling I got when I first dove into the vast ocean of Abzu. The very first thing fans of the franchise may notice is the atmosphere. If Giant Squid did anything right when creating Abzu, it was the atmosphere and that is very prevalent in the trailer for their new project.

Something very different from Abzu that will be noticed during the trailer is that the protagonist you play as has access to various weapons. Whereas in Abzu, you were a silent and nonviolent protagonist who only really made pinging noises. Needless to say, this is a drastic change from their predecessor and it would be safe to assume that your protagonist will not be as silent as before.

Furthermore, Giant Squid has released a blog post which can be heard on Soundcloud here. The blog post is titled “THE PATHLESS: Pilgrimage” and is stated that this will be the main theme of The Pathless. Giant Squid brought back the Composer, Austin Wintory, who composed the music for Abzu. With Austin composing the music, I have no doubt that each score will evoke just the right amount of emotion at just the right time. Mystery, wonder, adventure, sadness and so on. You can also check out the project spotlight they had with Unreal here.

The Pathless is scheduled to release this year, 2019, and it was announced early December for 2018. We have not yet received an update from Giant Squid as to the status of the game or a more definite release day. Stay tuned to Critical Strike for more updates as they roll out, and be sure to follow Giant Squid on Twitter for all their latest content.

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