WRC 8: Level Design and Physics Dev Diaries Released!

Developers Jérémie Lolieux, Amaury Beyris, and Alic Coléno break down the very systems that make WRC 8 as real as it gets!

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The WRC games have shown overtime great attention to detail and realism rivaled by none. The vehicles always sound fantastic and spot on in comparison to their real life rally counterparts. We have to take a deeper look at the core of the game to really grasp the artistic endeavor that is WRC 8. it isn’t just about the cars in this rally racer, not even close honestly, it’s heavily about the systems in place that make the title as realistic as possible. It’s about the critical eye used to replicate each rally stage in super detail and the systems in place to allow these marvels of racing engineering to hit the track in such a true to life fashion.

BigBen Games recently released a few very insightful developer diaries that provide some very cool details on how they recreated some of the fastest and most beautiful rally stages known to mankind. The first dev diary also dives into the weather system that is implemented in the newest WRC release.

The second dev diary has a core focus on game physics. It details how they changed their coding approach to make the overall driving experience more realistic and closer to reality. They compared their data with real life car manufacturers and had professional drivers provide direct feedback to ensure every detail was painstakingly accurate. It seems WRC 8 will be as real as it gets.

WRC 8 sounds gorgeous and the gameplay looks fluid. With so many changes to the core vehicle physics, will WRC 8 gain traction or will it simply just spin tires? We will find out on September 5th.

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