Razer Launches Their Own Phone Cases! (Are We Really Surprised?)

Razer enters the mobile phone case market with two heavy hitters. The Razer Phone is not supported!

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It seems Razer has a stake in virtually everything. They have their own phones, computers, gaming peripherals, applications, etc. You can see where I am going with this.

Well, as of today you can now purchase custom phone cases decked out with your favorite AAA game designs. Razer has teamed up with the likes of Blizzard, Capcom, and a slew of other heavy hitters to help provide a wide range of gaming based designs from some of the biggest franchises currently out.

There are currently two different builds available for the custom phone cases. You have the Lite Case and the Tough Case. The Light Case has a slim profile made of a polycarbonate material that provides some good protection from pesky impacts. The design overall looks clean and the ports look large enough to ensure your accessories are going to work with the case on. The Tough Case features a polycarbonate outer shell and a TPU liner for superior protection against drops. The key design difference on these seems to be that the Tough Case covers the bottom of the phone while the Lite Case has an open bottom “snap on” design.

Both cases will feature images printed at 300 DPI with accurate color profiling to ensure the printed images stay clean and clear. They will use true color ink to ensure the case colors stay vibrant as well. Did we mention they will even put your name on the case free of charge?

Future case design selection looks like it won’t get boring due to an open community for customization. The new community is called Razer Customs and it seems folks will be able to apply to have their designs featured on cases. Of course, this feature is likely focused on eSports teams or developers, but it is nice to see Razer allowing outside sourcing for designs past the AAA powerhouses they have already signed on with.

You can pick up your Lite or Tough case by clicking here. The Lite case goes for a cool $39.99 while the Tough case clocks in at a modest $49.99. We don’t have any gripes with the pricing for the amount of customization you get with the phone cases and the overall build quality. It seems like a solid deal from a reputable company in the gaming world.

However, we do find it kind of funny that Razer is launching a custom phone case program that offers no support for Razer phones. We know, read that again. It wasn’t a typo. The Lite and Tough Cases currently only support the following phones:

Supported Devices

  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone XS
  • Apple iPhone XS Max
  • Google Pixel 2 XL (Razer used confusion. It was super effective.)
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There is however a note on the supported device page that states Razer phone compatibility is “coming soon”. Better late than never I suppose.

Final Thoughts

The cases sound wonderful and it isn’t at all surprising that a company like Razer would show up and release something in this market. I mean they literally have their own phone. The shocker is that their cases didn’t launch supporting said phone. I feel like Razer dropped the ball on something that could have been a big winner for them. They should offer the Lite or Tough cases as an order option with their Razer phone. Include that bad boy with the phone for a slight upcharge or for free. I feel like that would give the Razer diehards a reason to live on while making everyone else envious. I mean, Razer phone owners are probably not feeling the love right now figuring someone with a Google Pixel XL 2 can order a custom Razer case but they can’t have that gloriously designed hunk of protection on their gaming god phones? Pffft. It definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

Then again, I write news media and they make the big bucks. You do you Razer… you do you.

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