Blair Witch Has Officially Landed!

Blair Witch has returned to PC and Xbox One. You know you wanted to go back into Black Hills Forest!

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I can remember when I first watched The Blair Witch Project. I was 9 years old with no idea what was about to ruin my week. When I was younger we actually lived in the forest. The movie was shot as if it was based on found footage and created a terrific balance of terrifying adventure and successfully taught me what anxiety was before adulthood could slam me into the real world.

The movie was simply put, a whole lot of terror bundled into a camcorder.

For those of you who remember the original movie and hoped to never have to relive the experience, we have some news for you. Lionsgate and Team Bloober have officially teamed up to bring our fears around once again. There is an official Blair Witch game launching today!

Blair Witch is a psychological first-person horror game featuring an original storyline. You take control of a former police officer named Ellis and his dog Bullet. You are tasked with searching for a lost boy in the iconic Black Hills Forest. Upon entering the woods, you soon realize s*** is about to hit the fan.

The game adapts to the way you react during certain situations to custom tailor each playthrough. The game also features stunning level design and graphical fidelity. You can expect full 4k support on PC and the Xbox One X.

Looking to revisit your 1999 nightmares? Blair Witch is available on Steam for PC players in both a standard and deluxe edition. The standard edition is launching with a 10% discount landing in at around $26.99. The deluxe edition is landing in at $34.99 and includes the Blair Witch original soundtrack and The Art Of Blair Witch. There are also a number of cool bundles available on PC that have the movies included. Blair Witch is also available on the Xbox One gaming console at a cool $29.99. Blair Witch is also an Xbox Gamepass title.

We do plan on a possible review of Blair Witch. Until then we will leave you with the official Blair Witch launch trailer. Enjoy!

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