Madden 20 Gets O-Line X-Factor Abilities

The newest Madden title update brings a new competitive issue!

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Madden 20 has received a few title updates since launch that have fixed various bugs and tweaked the overall playability of the game. The new X-Factor abilities have changed the way players go into matches and how they make their play calls. These abilities were designed to essentially divide the superstars from the mediocre players and as of the last update… they were doing a fantastic job. 

The Offensive Line and Special Teams have historically got the short end of the stick in terms of playability and growth. Players haven’t really been able to create and play as a kicker or an offensive lineman in franchise mode. It seems EA has finally reached a level of comfort with their core play and movement systems because they are finally working on the positions that haven’t seen any attention over the years in the Madden franchise.

The newest update enabled X-Factor skills for O-line players. This is going to add a much needed counter to the very powerful defensive players rocking X-Factor abilities. The idea was to allow the O-line the possibility of shutting down these elite pass and run blockers. The update also gives the offensive player the ability to set up double block coverage on D-line players. You would think such positive changes would have competitive Madden players doing backflips. Not everything is as it seems.

One of the new O-Line X Factor abilities literally allows the player to get a visual representation of every additional player set to blitz on 3rd and 4th down plays. These plays are often the deciding factor for a possession. Having that sort of insight is practically cheating. The ability, called “Threat Detector”, is said to not be attached to any player currently on the roster but can be earned in Franchise mode and Madden Ultimate Team. MUT is a competitive mode in Madden based on collecting players and playing competitively to level up your team. This sort of ability would ruin the competitive aspect of the game. Defenses could literally be limited to only man or zone coverage with little to no chance of utilizing any plays based off of the blitz.

It seems EA will have a lot on their plate when the competitive side of MUT gets their hands on “Threat Detector” We will have to wait and see what happens. With that being said, EA did a lot of work with this patch and produced a ton of fixes that tackle Franchise issues and a broad spectrum of game bugs. If you would like a detailed list of all of the changes, you can view them here.

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